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When roof damage occurs, we’re available to assist right away – but sometimes, you need a helping hand to prevent further damage before our solutions get underway. In other words, it’s time for tarping!

If your roof has sustained major damage, leaving a hole, crack, cave-in, or other opportunity for outside materials to get into your home, you need to TARP over the damage. That way, your home will be safe from water, pests, pollen, temperature changes, and even home intruders until the damage gets fixed.

Sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it? Just grab a tarp, climb up onto your roof, and cover up that hole… right?

While it might sound like an approachable task, tarping is only worth doing when you know you can do it right. The untrained homeowner might not be aware of tried and true methods, strategies, and materials to ensure your roof tarping is actually 100% effective.

Ensuring that your roof tarping is leak-proof and will hold up through ever-changing weather is a CRUCIAL piece of your damage restoration project proceeding smoothly. Incorrect or ineffective tarping can lead to rain infiltrating your home, pests working their way into your roof, and even opportunity-seeking home invaders gaining entry and access to your valuables. Effective roof tarping is the best way to protect your belongings, your investment in your property, and (most importantly) your loved ones.

Plus, attempting to conduct roof tarping on your own is a recipe for disaster. When you’re up on your roof’s sloped surface, it’s all too easy to slip and fall – especially when the structure may have sustained damage that impacts its stability. It’s not worth taking the chance of injury or even death.

Instead, call up the professionals at Castlebrook Restoration and Roofing. With decades of experience in the roofing industry, we know how to handle the situation safely and effectively. We’ll ensure that your home and your family are protected – without risking your well-being to do so.

Yes, your roof is going to be fixed soon – but in the meantime, don’t leave a giant, gaping hole open to anyone (or anything) that wants to get in! Your property is one of the most important investments you’ll make, so let’s protect it. Together, we can do just that.

When your roof has seen better days, we’re here to help. With tarping services to hold you over and restoration and repair services to get your roof looking brand-new again, you can count on our Castlebrook team. From start to finish, we’ll be by your side. Give us a call today to chat more about your roof restoration needs.

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